The Ultimate Test… What others have to say.

The New York Times, July 29, 2005

” …the Heritage Centre Museum, bursting with artifacts and anecdotes… ”

Canadian Geographic Magazine, October/November, 1988

” The small Pelee Island Heritage Centre is a treasure chest of arrow heads, stone tools, pottery, and numerous other domestic and ceremonial artifacts. ”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 26, 1996

” Your first stop should be at the Heritage Centre, just south of the ferry dock. The museum is a good introduction to the island, and offers several guidebooks with detailed maps for sale. ”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 14, 2000

” A quiet place to love the quiet. A natural place to love nature. A slow place to love reading, walking and riding a bike. As a work of art, Pelee is a still life…If this is your speed, there are things to do here; you can…Wander through the atticlike collection of well documented artifacts at the Pelee Island Heritage Centre. ”

The K-W Record, July 11, 1998

” There is good food for thought, too, in the Heritage Centre, a crowded museum in the old Town Hall. It is run by Ron Tiessen who presents the island’s geology, botany, zoology, anthropology and history…. ”

The London Free Press

“So is the Heritage Centre well worth a visit for its exhibits of rare flora and fauna and displays on navigation, including local shipwrecks. ”

U. S. News & World Report: Great Vacation Drives, 1996

” If you opt for this Canadian island, the lake’s largest, be sure to spend some time at the Pelee Island Heritage Centre, where Ron Tiessen, a former classicist turned Lake Erie historian, geologist and botanist, will generously share the trilobite fossils, arrowheads and accounts of stormy lake Erie shipwrecks and rescues he has dug up over the years. ”

Hour: Metropolitan Detroit’s Monthly Magazine, May, 2000

” Pelee’s appeal: It’s just a short trip away, but this leisurely paced island gives travelers a sense that they’re a long way from the pressures of the city. Upon arrival make your first stop the Pelee Island Heritage Centre, located close to the West dock where the ferry lands. The Centre’s mission is to preserve and interpret the unique natural and human history of the island. The Centre is located in the former Town Hall built in 1911. The building is undergoing renovations , in part to accommodate a new exhibit about Middle Island just south of Pelee Island, and Canada’s most southern point. It’s displays and old photographs and artwork are fascinating, as are the tales of Ron Tiessen, who runs the Centre and writes books about island history. “