Curious about Pelee? Begin your journey at the Pelee Island Heritage Centre, a Museum of both Human and Natural History.

  • Discover the two cemeteries on Pelee where you will find a record of how early people lived on the island, where they came from, who they married, sometimes what their profession was, when they died, how they died and what they might be remembered for
  • Visit the Stone Road Alvar to learn of the communities of plants and wildlife that make their home in the midst of shallow soils
  • Walk up to the Pelee Island Lighthouse, built in 1833. Imagine the lightkeepers who worked here and the myriad of shipwrecks and heroic rescues. On the way take note of the turtles basking in the sunshine in the adjacent wetland, or during migration times observe the dozens of species of songbirds in evidence.
  • Visit the Ivey-Red Cedar Savanna on the East-West Road, a property of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and admire dozens of its significant features along with stands of centuries old Red Cedars.
  • Visit one of Canada’s earliest wineries, the ruin of Vin Villa Winery at Sheridan Point (to be viewed from the road allowance), and while in the vicinity check out the Thomas McCormick historic quarry at the end of the road, and adjacent the Sarah Ann McCormick stone house from the 1890s (all to be viewed from the road)
  • While in this area, on select days, the pathway will be open to visit Hulda’s Rock and the site of the legend of Hulda
  • Visit Brown’s Point, another Nature Conservancy of Canada site, the floral display in Brown’s woods, and oftentimes present shorebirds.
  • Stop to admire the thousands of Ring-necked Pheasants raised on the Township of Pelee farm located on Centre Dyke Road. In 2007 the township celebrated the seventy-fifth annual pheasant hunt. (Admission may be prohibited)
  • Visit the Mill Point corner of Pelee, off Cooper’s Road, where there is abundant evidence of the Quaternary period, of ice scraping over the island, of striations, grooves and erratics left behind from the Canadian Shield and points East of Pelee
  • The exceptional early morning birding in May, the birds and turtles at Peregrine’s Pond, the rich floral display in spring and the allure of being the southernmost person in Canada (excepting Middle Island), altogether make a visit to Fish Point Nature Reserve a must

While exploring the Island, be sure to sample the good foods available at our restaurants, bakery and pubs, stop by our retail shops and sample our wines at the Pelee Island Winery Pavilion.