The Pelee Island Heritage Centre aspires to research, collect and preserve the evidence of the Island’s
(and neighbours’) human history, to protect the community’s natural heritage, and to educate the public
about our combined heritage through exhibits, publications, special presentations and our extended stay
education program. It is understood, moreover, that the Heritage Centre, through the benefit of hindsight,
should play a role in informing current community planning issues.


Current Exhibits on Display:

The Middle Devonian Setting: invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology.

The archaeology of Pelee: our first visitors and settlers

The arrival of Europeans and the McCormicks.

Stories of crossing the ice in winter.

Early commercial fishing.

Quarrying and early stone exports.

The Battle of Pelee Island.

Women in our midst: Hannah Harris

The Schooner Adelaide

The mega-project of draining the Big Marsh

The nineteenth century wine industry on Pelee Island

Shipwrecks of the Western Basin

Local lighthouses

The telephone exchange

The early surveyors

Prohibition days: life on Middle Island

The geology of Pelee and Middle Islands

Carolinian Trees of Pelee and Middle Island

Mammals of Pelee Island

Extirpated Species

Pelee Island Species at risk

Indigenous History