1) People have unseen and immense influence on their surroundings. Our ideas. Our words and our actions make a difference for the health of communities of people, as they do for the balance of ecosystems in nature.

2) Living organisms are not so much competitive constituents as interdependent neighbours. Individual insects, plants and people exist in relationship with a host of other life forms and bio-systems.

3) Neighbourhoods are one link in the chain of life. We need to put down roots within this concentric circle of relationships. We need to begin by learning to know who our neighbors are, and what they require to flourish. In giving attention to life all around us we will come to celebrate the beauty in our midst.


One day visits are designed for elementary and high school students. The program is flexible and can be altered according to age and special emphasis requested by the teacher. After the ferry arrival at 11:30 am the program begins.
The session lasts one hour and fifteen minutes. It is presented at the Pelee Island Heritage Centre. A number of the themes outlined above are explored in three stages. A brief overview and presentation are offered by museum staff. The students are divided into smaller groups, after which each group is given a series of questions to answer. Answers are found through exploration of museum exhibits. Thereafter students are asked to present their answers to the larger group.

Depending on the time of the season, arrangements can be made to visit the Pelee Island Bird Observatory Banding Station. PIBO offers this program at Fish Point. Students will be introduced to the contribution to science made by bird banding. The techniques will be demonstrated and the fascinating phenomenon of bird migration will be explored as well.

Schools that take advantage of our learning package are responsible for ferry and ground transportation on the Island. The cost is $3.00 per student. Please note that each school is responsible for teacher and adult supervision of the students. For information and reservations please contact the Pelee Island Heritage Centre, email curator@peleeislandmuseum.ca Telephone 519 724 2291 (between May and early October).