Weather at Pelee IslandWell, you don’t live on an island without the weather being the first subject of conversation on any given day. We don’t just talk about the weather, we are passionate about the weather. We are as passionate about the weather as our American friends are passionate about their politics!
And boy, are we in for the big blow! Boreas, the Greek god of the North wind has just begun! For the first time in a long time we are expecting storm force weather. There is a buzz in the air here…we are ready and maybe a bit excited!
We had a wonderful little gathering last night where of course the weather was at the top of the conversation list. As the evening passed, the wind howled and then all of a sudden the setting sun hit the trees over the marina. “Wow….look at that!” I said. “ I should get a picture of that….such beauty amidst such fury! Oh, no. No camera”. Our hostess jumped up, ran to grab her camera and said, “If you are going to be the Pelee reporter, you should never go anywhere without your camera. Here you go, use mine”.
But, I thought, it is forty below out there, nasty, pretty, yes but rather blustery and I hate the cold. I know that I really left the camera at home on purpose. I had to convince my friend to get out there and capture that beautiful sight. “It’s your home, it’s your camera, and only you really know how to use it, and you chose to live on the North end and you like the cold….you better go out and take the picture!”
What a trooper. Off she goes….”take a few”…I yell….”so you don’t have to go out again!” And she did. “Thank you, my friend”.
What it all comes back to is community. We will all spend the next few days looking out for each other. All of us are in this together, neighbours will help neighbours. I thanked a fellow the other day for coming to the aid of my friend after her car accident and he said, “No need to thank me. That’s what it’s all about on Pelee. It’s what we do.”